For a foreigner:

The Law Firm offers comprehensive support in the field of legalization of residence and work of foreigners in Poland.

In particular, we provide comprehensive advice on proceedings for legalization of residence and work, including:

  • support in the preparation of documentation, including assistance in the preparation of required documents,
  • realization of visa process - preparation of visa application and required documents, booking of visa appointment in the Polish consulate,
  • obtaining each type of work permit, including seasonal work permit and the statement on entrusting work to a foreigner,
  • obtaining any type of temporary residence permit, permanent residence permit, and long-term resident's EU residence permit,
  • assistance in obtaining Polish citizenship through recognition by a voivode, as well as through citizenship granting by the President of Poland,
  • in the case of Polish origins:
    • assistance in restoring Polish citizenship,
    • assistance in confirmation of holding or loss of Polish citizenship,
    • assistance in obtaining a Polish passport and a Polish identity card.

Additional services:

  • intervention service in emergencies and crises related to relocation, stay, and work of foreigners - emergency availability of specialists 24/7,
  • assistance in crossing borders while traveling to and from Poland, taking into account current epidemic restrictions (concerns all countries of the world) - emergency availability of specialists 24/7,
  • advice on tax law and labor and social security law,
  • relocation and legalization of foreigners' family members in Poland,
  • registration for temporary and permanent residence,
  • obtaining PESEL, NIP, REGON numbers,
  • obtaining certificates of lack of arrears in taxes,
  • notification of tax updates,
  • obtaining certificates of no criminal record,
  • transcription and completion of foreign civil status documents,
  • exchange of foreign driving licenses,
  • obtaining an international driving license,
  • counseling and assistance in customs clearance of resettlement property,
  • assistance in obtaining parental benefits (e.g. 500+ program),
  • assistance in all formalities related to marriage by a foreigner in the territory of the Republic of Poland,
  • advice on the acquisition of real estate, shares, and stocks in commercial companies by foreigners,
  • obtaining permissions for purchasing real estate, shares, and stocks in commercial companies,