For the company/employer
  • Conducting administrative proceedings concerning the residence and work of foreigners in Poland comprehensively.
  • Closed-door training for HR departments and legalization specialists, in particular in the field of:
    • the legality of employment and stay of foreigners in the territory of the Republic of Poland,
    • delegation of employees to and from Poland, including tax and social security regulations,
    • current epidemic restrictions in the context of the legality of residence and work of foreigners in the territory of the Republic of Poland and border crossing (entry into Poland, travel from Poland to other countries around the world)
  • Audits:
    • the legality of employment of foreigners,
    • Correctness of keeping personal files of foreigners.
  • Intervention services in emergencies and crises related to relocation, stay, and work of foreigners - emergency specialists available 24/7,
  • Assistance in crossing borders when traveling to and from Poland, taking into account current epidemic restrictions (applies to all countries of the world) - emergency specialists available 24/7,
  • Advising on tax law and labor law and social security law in the field of employing foreigners.
  • Additional services dedicated to foreigners employed at key positions in the company.

In all proceedings, we represent both the entity entrusting work to a foreigner and the foreigner himself before the authorities, providing assistance in all official actions in English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish or Arabic, and if requested by the Client also in another language.

Ongoing support for employers in the area of immigration law includes, in particular:

  • support at every stage of proceedings legalizing residence and work, including in particular:
    • assessment of the possibility of employing a foreigner at the recruitment stage,
    • preparation of relocation strategy of candidates when they are abroad and legalization when he/she is in Poland,
    • preparation of documents and agreements necessary for the employment of foreigners,
    • execution of the visa process in the foreigner's country of origin,
    • obtaining necessary work permits and temporary residence permits, including representation before the relevant authorities,
    • obtaining a permanent residence permit, a residence permit for a long-term EU resident,
    • support in timely performance of obligations incumbent on the entity providing work to foreigners,
    • ensuring continuity of legal stay and work of foreigners in the event of expiry of their documents or changes in the conditions of work,
  • counseling in the field of keeping the documents of the employed foreigners,
  • counseling in the field of relocation of employees,
  • counseling in the field of delegating employees to and from Poland,
  • support in case of PIP, ZUS, Border Guard control,
  • preparation of appeals against negative decisions,
  • drafting complaints to the Provincial Administrative Court (if all available means of appeal have been used).

Additional services dedicated to foreigners - key persons in the company consist of:

  • relocation and legalization of family members of a foreigner in Poland,
  • registration for temporary and permanent residence,
  • obtaining PESEL, NIP, REGON numbers,
  • obtaining certificates of lack of arrears in taxes,
  • notification of tax updates,
  • obtaining certificates of no criminal record,
  • transcription and completion of foreign civil status documents,
  • exchange of foreign driving licenses,
  • obtaining an international driving license,
  • counseling and assistance in customs clearance of resettlement property,
  • assistance in obtaining parental benefits (e.g. 500+ program),
  • assistance in all formalities related to marriage by a foreigner in the territory of the Republic of Poland,
  • advice on the acquisition of real estate, shares, and stocks in commercial companies by foreigners,
  • obtaining permissions for purchasing real estate, shares, and stocks in commercial companies.