We offer comprehensive assistance in all formalities necessary for employers employing or intending to employ foreigners, i.a.:

  • Assistance in legalizing work and /or stay of foreigners in Poland – we obtain all kinds of work permits (seasonal work permit – type S; work permits – all types: A, B, C, D, E; declaration on entrusting performance of work to the foreigner), as well as residence permits and visas for foreigners, who are already in Poland as well as outside Poland;
  • Preparation of standard contracts and employee documents due to the Labor Law and Immigration Law;
  • Advice on storage of documents of employed foreign workers (the documents which employer is obligated to have in workers’ records);
  • Assistance in contacts with the National Labor Inspection - we help employers employing foreigners to prepare for a positive results of control of the legality of employment of foreigners as well as at the employer's request we can also participate in such inspections;
  • Audit - we conduct audits regarding the legality of employment and stay of foreigners in Poland;
  • Posting of foreigners - we provide all services related to the posting of foreigners to work in Poland (i.a. we mediate in contacts with the State Labor Inspection; we prepare notifications regarding the commencement of work by a foreigner in Poland as part of delegation etc.)
  • Relocation services – we provide relocation services to the foreigners who intend settle in Poland.

Also we offer our clients training courses addressed to the companies and HR specialists concerningterms of legal employment of foreigners.

Contact us, if you need some advice or legal services.

If you want to find more about legalizing your stay in Poland in the days of pandemic Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), check the Coronavirus information.