If you came to Poland on the basis of visa or under the visa-free traffic, the most common solution for prolonging your stay in Poland is to apply for the temporary residence permit .

We offer our assistance in obtaining any type of temporary residence permit. The maximum period of validity of a temporary residence permit is 3 years. The type of the temporary residence permit depends on your purpose of stay in Poland:

  • Temporary residence and work permits – for foreigners whose purpose of stay in Poland is work for a specific employer;
  • Temporary residence permits due to seasonal work – for foreigners who stay in Poland in connection with the performance of seasonal work and wants to extend their legal stay;
  • Temporary residence permits for the purposes of highly qualified employment (the so-called Blue Card) – for foreigners who intend to work in the so-called profession requiring high qualifications (e.g. engineer);
  • Temporary residence permit for seconded foreigners – for foreigners who are delegated to work in Poland by a foreign entity;
  • Temporary residence permits for the purposes of conducting business activity – for foreigners who conduct business in Poland;
  • Temporary residence permits for students and graduates – for foreigners studying in Poland on full-time studies as well as for foreigners who are graduates of Polish universities who are looking for a job after graduation;
  • Temporary residence permits for researchers and scientists – for foreigners who are scientists and conduct research in a research unit in Poland or look for a job after their completion;
  • Temporary residence permits for trainees and volunteers – for foreigners whose purpose of stay in Poland is completion of an internship in an approved unit or participation in the European voluntary service;
  • Temporary residence permits due to other circumstances – for foreigners whose stay in Poland is justified by other circumstances, e.g.: short-term stay, continuation of education, stay with family, etc.;
  • Temporary residence permit for foreigners who are victims of human trafficking (including assistance in procedures aimed at confirming the fact of being a victim of human trafficking).

The other option to legalize your stay in Poland after your visa, visa-free traffic or current temporary residence card expire is to apply for the permanent residence permit .

The permanent residence permit is issued for an indefinite period, which means that a permanent residence permit entitles a foreigner to an indefinite stay in Poland, without having to apply for further residence permits in the future. There are 2 types of permanent residence permit:

  • Long-term resident's EU residence permit – for foreigners residing in Poland for over 5 years who want to obtain the right to stay indefinitely in Poland;
  • Permanent residence permit – for foreigners who want to obtain a permanent residence permit, which entitles to an indefinite stay in Poland (applies to among others: a minor child of a Polish citizen, a minor child of a foreigner who has been granted a permanent residence permit or a long-term resident's EU residence permit, spouse of a Polish citizen, person of Polish origin, holder of a valid Pole's Card).

We could also help you in getting Polish citizenship.

If you are a foreigner living in Poland on the basis of a residence permit and you want to acquire Polish citizenship, you can do so by:

  • Granting Polish citizenship by the President of Poland – the decisions of the President of Poland is discretionary, do not require justification and are not subject to appeal;
  • Recognition as a Polish citizen – it refers to foreigners, who want to acquire Polish citizenship by way of recognition by the appropriate Voivode and meet the special requirements (e.g. stay in Poland continuously for at least 3 years on the basis of a permanent residence permit).

Extra services:

We can also help you with obtaining:

  • temporary address registration;
  • PESEL / NIP numbers;
  • certificate of non-taxation.

If you want to open a business in Poland or you already run a company in Poland, we can offer our assistance in all formalities related to conducting business activities:

  • registration / suspension / termination of a business activity;
  • business and investment consultancy;
  • account keeping;
  • renting you a virtual office;
  • reviews and examination of financial reports;
  • tax consultancy.

You can also count on our help with purchase or sale of a real estate.

Contact us, if you need some advice or legal services.

If you want to find more about legalizing your stay in Poland in the days of pandemic Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), check the Coronavirus information.