Due to the pandemic of Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), border traffic is reduced from the 15th of March until further notice. The border with Germany, Lithuania, the Czechia and Slovakia may be crossed only in designated places. There is also a complete suspension of border traffic at certain border crossings with Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Foreigners will be allowed to enter Poland only in exceptional cases. All those crossing the Polish border will be sanitary controlled and will be taken to the 14-days quarantine.

You can enter Poland, if:

  • you are a spouse or a child of a Polish citizen or you are under the constant care of a Polish citizen,
  • you have a Pole's Card,
  • you have a permanent or temporary residence permit in Poland,
  • you run a means of transport for transporting people or goods and their transfer takes place within the framework of professional activity consisting of transporting goods or transporting people,
  • you are the head of a diplomatic mission or a member of the mission's diplomatic and consular staff.

The ban does not apply also to foreigners who hold right to work in Poland, i.e.:

  • entitled to work under the same conditions as Polish citizens, or
  • who have a work permit, or
  • who have a certificate of entry in the register regarding seasonal work, or
  • a Special Permission (simplified employer's statement about entrusting short term work to a foreigner – refers only to local hires from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Moldova or Armenia).

Before entering Poland the foreigners referred to in above will however have to demonstrate:

  • that they already perform their work in Poland, or
  • documents confirming that their work will start immediately after entering Poland.

If you are not sure whether you could enter Poland or not, you can contact us.

For finding out more information about our immigration services for foreigners, who want to come to Poland, check more information.